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METAL since 2018


My Journey startet 2004. My First Single CD for local Sports Club, then a Duett with Robin Beck. Working together with Producer Michael Voss was refreshing and a honor.

Did my first steps into the big Music Industrie with Partners like Bob Media, specially to Mention Jörg Tochtenhagen and Andreas Bob who were always honest and honest means they say things you don't want to hear as a musician.

Got the opportunity to work with amazing Musicians like Amanda Somerville, Jeff Scott Soto, Claus Lessmann, Oliver Hartmann, Paul Shortino, Tony Carey, Linda Lulka, Andreas Susemihl, Alex Jansen, Vitek Spacek, Holger Seeger, Alexander Menichini, Roman Beselt, Leif Jensen, Christoph Renner, Alina Arenz, Mickie Richter, Sebastian Wyrobisch and many more...

2018 it was Time to start a new Project and Red Partizan was born. Forst an Idea, then some Songs, a Album called "Rebels & Partizans" and a Tour ar Support for U.D.O. the Ex-Singer of ACCEPT. 15 Countries and 26 Shows played! And met a thousands of wonderful and amazing new Fans and Friends! Thank you for this Ride!

2023 marked the start of the new RED PARTIZAN ALBUM called:


Hope to see you on the Shows, Festivals and on Tour!

With all my Love


Red Partizan

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