'The  Book  of  the  Templar  Knights'  has  always  been  a  myth.  A  myth and a legend.  Fate  wanted  William  Carmichael  to  get  his  hands  on  the  book and open   it   without   knowing   that   it   would    start   a   millennium-old    curse. 


As  soon  as  William Carmichael  opened  the  book,  the  owner  of  the book fell into  a  coma.  For  the  next 10  days,  a new  story   will   appear  every  day  in  'The  Book  of  the  Templar  Knights'   from  the  life  of  the  owner. 

William  Carmichael  has  10  days  to  find  out   the   name   of   the  owner  and the   name   and  place  of  the  gathering.    What   William   Carmichael   doesn't know  is  that  from  now  on  the  owner  will  relive  the  stories  that William is reading.  Injuries  he  sustained  in  the  stories  become  real  and   the   doctors around  the  professor  will fight to keep the patient  alive  until  the  gathering.


 A  hunt  through  the  past  millennia  begins,  a  competition  against  time and the curse. On the way, the patient encounters  Valiant Thor,  Berenger Saunier, Leonardo Da Vinci,  Columbus and Magellan and  the  myth  and  legend  of  the Templars.   A   fight   against   evil,   heaven  against  hell  and  only  10  days  to guess  the  name  and  location  of  the  gathering.


Join  William  Carmichael  on  his  first  adventure in 'The Book of the Templars Knights' and  become  a  Custodes -  the  Guardian  of  the  Secret  of   'The  Book of  the  Templar  Knights'...

The Book Of The Templar Knights

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